What Makes an Interior Look Luxurious?

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By AALofts Design

Many people who are seeking to design an interior want the space to be luxurious in look. This style is classy & never fails to impress guests, no matter who they are. However, it is often difficult to understand what exactly makes a space look expensive.

There are three subgenres of items that make an interior look luxurious. To make space embody this theme, the designer must keep in mind:

  • The colours of the room
  • The material that is used
  • The decor that is placed

By refining these features in a specific way, any room can look luxurious in no time.

Read on to learn more about the particular items needed in each subgenre to understand how to make an interior look luxurious. I will show you the requirements for your space to look expensive & well thought out.

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Luxury Bathroom Marble Interior

What Makes an Interior Look Luxurious?

There are a few features of every room that can be altered to make an interior look luxurious. These features include the colour, material, & decor placed in the room. If you manage to optimize each of these features in your interior, then you can establish a luxurious & eye-catching interior for your home.

To start, you should consider the colours in your rooms & how those colours are used.

The Colour of the Room

The first detail that is critical to making a room luxurious is the use of colour. I find that neutrals serve best for adding an air of elegance. The furniture & other items can then be paired around it, making for a blend that is easy on the eyes.

Four colours serve the best for making a room look like it is expensive. Each of them gives off a different feeling, but all of them create a dignified presence in any household or business.


White looks classy in any home as it is the direct contrast to many darker tones. If it is kept spotless, your home will look incredibly put together at all times. White blends with many styles of furniture, & other colours can easily work around it.

White will make an interior look luxurious by:

  • Creating a clean atmosphere
  • Brightening up a room
  • Making any decor that stands against it look expensive

There are many shades of white to choose from. Any of them will help to add that expensive feel to your interior.


Gray is a timeless colour. It is a classy neutral that goes with almost every single shade. This ties together any interior in a way that comes off as expensive.

Painting a room grey will:

  • Invoke feelings of calm tranquillity
  • Make space look lighter
  • Create a sense of sophistication

In general, the darker the colour the more elegant space will look. Pick a cool grey to make the room as fancy as possible.


Black is a bold colour to paint a wall. This shade is formal & elegant, flawless in all the best ways. It can bring up strong emotions in anyone who views it.

Black can:

  • Pair well with other strong colours, such as gold or silver
  • Create an elegant space
  • Provide a strong, wordless statement

Like I said previously, black is a bold colour. Make sure that you are ready to make a statement before applying it to a room.

Brown Luxury Interior Design

The Materials Used.

The specific materials that are used in a space can make it look expensive. Anyone trying for this atmosphere should take care to analyze each piece that goes inside.

Some materials work better than others. You can scope out your interior to see what looks best in yours, garnering samples to put against the floors, ceilings, & walls.


Tiles, particularly when used as flooring, can make a room look luxurious. The reflective surface tends to add a certain sparkle that attracts the eyes. A white or a black colour works best to achieve the glisten that makes this material work.

Tiles add an air of expense to the room because:

  • They are uniform & put together at all times
  • They can be kept clean without issue
  • They draw the eye to the floor in a good way

The tile is durable & easy enough to add to any space. It is a great way to push a feeling of expense to any interior.


Fancy moulding on the walls certainly will help to bring an element of luxury to any interior. You can select a design that blends in with your home & the colour on the walls. I think that a professional will apply this item the best, but you can take it on yourself as well.

Moulding makes an interior look expensive by:

  • Calling on themes from the interiors of castles & fancy homes from long ago
  • Adding decor to an area that is usually ignored, drawing eyes all around the space
  • Boasting an intricate design that took time to make

Moulding does not work in every type of space. However, for those trying to achieve that luxurious look, it can be a fantastic addition.

Reflective Surfaces

Anything reflective & shiny will stand out against everything else in the room. You can select expensive-looking objects that shimmer & catch the light. Guests will find their eyes drawn to these as they enter the space.

Some items that you can buy with reflective surfaces include:

  • Chandeliers
  • Mirrors
  • Candelabras
  • Lamps

You can find these for affordable prices at local thrift or bargain stores. If you have the money to spend, you can even find them for full-price online or in a luxury store.


Luxurious fabrics are important to use whenever possible in an expensive space. There are a few that stand out from the crowd in terms of look & feel. They can be used to decorate walls & floors, or they can be upholstered onto a piece of furniture to make it look more luxurious.

Some of the best fabrics include:

  • Velvet
  • Linen
  • Satin

All of these will add something to a space that is not obvious at first glance. Use expensive-looking fabrics as much as possible on the furniture that lines the interior.

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The Decor That is Placed

The final piece of the puzzle is including decor that pairs well with the paint colour selected & the materials that are used. Each piece should be placed with intent & careful evaluation.

There are a few specific furniture items that work well for luxurious interiors. You might want to look at these if you are thinking of creating a room with a fancy atmosphere.


Paintings are a big must if you intend to choose the route of luxury. The association between art & expense is a phenomenon that has been around for a long time. The paintings do not need to be expensive, they should just be large & noticeable. You can even do them yourself in a modern-art way.

Depending on the colour scheme you use, your paintings might be:

  • Geometric, utilizing shapes in minimalistic fashions
  • Realistic, calling on qualities of light that can make a painting feel expensive
  • Modern, using dull colours to create vibrant & unique patterns

A grand painting will draw eyes around your space if you place it on the wall. I recommend investing in a cheap one or having fun creating one for yourself.


Long drapes that fall to the floor have been a staple of the luxurious for a long time. They should flow from the windows, catching the light as the sun filters through the window frame.

When doing this, you should pick a colour that pairs well with the shade you have chosen for your walls. You can go a safe route & choose a neutral, or go with a bold colour to make a statement.


Mirrors can do a lot to space. Thanks to their reflective quality, they can make a room look bigger & better. They provide a wonderful way to incorporate light into a room without the use of artificial bulbs.

Good mirrors can be found:

  • Online
  • In antique stores
  • In a department store

Most often, the best mirrors for a luxurious space have grand embellishments & carvings. Look for one that is unique & will make a bold statement in a fancy space.


Expensive furniture tends to have certain characteristics that make it stand out from the usual bunch. You can look for these, or add them yourself as you see possible. These tiny details are important. They scream expense without being too obvious.

Some of the key characteristics of expensive furniture include:

  • Curved features
  • Carved flowers or birds
  • Gold colours
  • It is well-crafted, & it is obvious

Good furniture can be hard to find. Looking for these traits can help make the process much easier, fitting into a luxurious space with no problem.

Classic Double Bathroom Vanity


There are many ways someone can make an interior look more expensive. The main three methods involve making use of the colour of the walls, the materials that go into the place, & the decor that someone chooses to invest in.

By making use of these three items, any space can look luxurious in no time at all. It can be affordable for almost anyone, no matter how expensive it may look.


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Article by Amy Lofts.

Article by Amy Lofts.

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